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Why SnapRx?

Not all EHR are created equal

SnapRx is designed specifically to improve document workflow in ways you never imagine possible. Your entire staff performs better, faster and more efficiently, all focused on providing the ultimate customer care experience. No hassle. No miscommunications. Just Medicine.

For Doctors SnapRx app is used on a prescription pad enabling them to create electronic prescription that can be easily distributed. With a huge database of symptoms, diseases, dosages, medicines and treatments doctors will be able to craft prescriptions in seconds. Once a prescription has been written and delivered to their patient on WhasApp or Email and/or pharmacy it will be saved to the patients profile for easy reorder or edit in the future. The prescription pad will not only save time but will add much needed efficiency and effectiveness of your clinic/hospital.

1. Workflow Automation

Integrated workflow adopts to your unique preferences and practice style, enabling you to truly personalize your operations. The system mirrors your existing processes and revitalizes them with powerful automation and collaborative tools. From analytics, intelligent billing, data mining reports and EHR, all aspects of the system are integrated core customizable to accelerate learning, adoption and service throughout.

2. Relentless pursuit for excellence, through continuous innovation

At SnapRx we relentlessly pursue for innovation and continuously develop new features tailored to our community of users. We invest substantial efforts and resources and making SnapRx ever evolving and feature rich by staying up-to-date to the latest technologies and being attuned to the needs of our customers.

3. Training, On-Boarding and Smooth transition

Our team of software engineers evaluate your needs, establish a timeline, perform tests, validate the outputs and deliver on time and on budget. They will make sure you are well informed, Organized and prepared for transition to SnapRx prescription pad with all the services needed to convert your patient information. Orchestrating a smooth transition requires a careful planning and execution. Over the last three years we have more than 1400 physicians who have successfully migrated and are happy customers.

4. Improve your productivity

Access your SnapRx EHR anytime, anywhere, on any android device. Complete everyday task such as filling prescription, review patient history, managing appointments and corresponding with patients through a secure portal. Stay connected with SnapRx and be more productive.

5. 24x7x365 days online support

Whether you are getting started, wondering how to perform a specific task have a frequently asked questions or are just curious as to what’s new and improve in the latest version, our customer support is only a phone call away.

Our Goal

our improve patient outcomes

We developed SnapRx - India’s first digital e-Precription Pad to make physician's lives easier. No longer will a doctor have to spend precious time crafting paper prescriptions or deal with lost documentation. Our Goal is two - fold :

  • To improve patient outcomes and
  • To improve the health system performance

Benefits of SnapRx

Operates both online & offline

Unlike Most EHR’s SnapRx works seamlessly both online and offline mode.

Error-free prescription

Enhances patient safety due to lesser calls from pharmacies on illegible prescriptions. No more relying on pen and paper. No more errors.

Integrates OPD & IPD platform

Fully Integrated healthcare platform. It is a one stop solution for all the hospital needs such as integration of OPD, IPD, Pharmacy and Pathology.

Built-in Telemedicine module & SNOMED CT

Connect with a patient over live video, with an average wait time under 10minutes.Available24/7, nights and weekends. SnapRx is armed with SNOMED CT, the global language of healthcare.

Create preset and favorites

Save your favourite diagnosis as one click preset. Save significant time by applying presets on your complaints/patient advice/medications with just a click of a button.

Connect with patients, like never before

Keep in touch with your patients with like never before by sending appointments, SMS, Lab Reports, Billing and Rx all directly on the patient mobile.

SnapRx - Simple, Easy, Cost-Effective



Create preset and favorite medicines used previously. Take notes and chief complaints, problems of previous visits and save up to 3 min. per patient.


Use touch screen, click keyboard or use handwriting recognition, you can choose your preferred method or combine them on a same note.


You can complete everyday task inside or outside the clinic/hospital, refill Rx, check results and manage appointments cost-effectively.

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