When weather changes many people have to face problems like flu,fever, cough etc especially such problems arise in winter season. We cannot control the weather changes but we can take precautions. There is strong connection between soups and winter season.
During winter season soup is helpful to overcome the small problems like flu,cough etc. Moreover it keeps our body warm and fulll nutritional requirement also. A good thing about soup is that you can modify itaccording to your requirement. You can prepare a soup with herbs, meat or vegetables. Then you can include health boosting soup ingredients like garlic, ginger, lemon, mushrooms, onions, herbs.
Soup is loaded with the high quality nutrients of vitamins and minerals, having very few calories and almost no fat which are ideal nutrients for the good health.
High vitamins, minerals, fibers and low calories content of it helps in weight management.
High amount of dietary fibers helps in regulating the digestive tract and its functioning as well as reduces the risk of various digestive system disorders.
  • It keeps away from the problems of extra weight gain and fluid retention. It helps in removing the extra accumulated fluid from the body (reason of fluffy body) as it is rich in potassium which binds with extra sodium and eliminates outside the body.
  • It makes your stomach flatter, feel lighter very instantly by removing the problem of stomach bloating.
  • Its high water, vitamins and minerals content keep you and your skin well hydrated, moisturized, healthy and glowing every time.
  • It boosts up the body immunity system and prevents from various infectious diseases.
  • Soup acts as a tonic to the bone, hair and skin health as well as prevents from the osteoporosis, arthritis, skin problems and hair loss.
  • High fibers content of it keeps the stomach full for longer and reduces the feeling of hunger thus prevents from the over eating and unnecessary weight gain.
  • It has anti-inflammatory property reduces the symptoms of cold and other infections.
  • It lowers down the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and uterine cancer.