At SnapRx we our trying to strengthen the connection between doctor, patient and pharmacy to make the prescription process less stressful and time consuming. Building social connections are extremely important to relieve mental stress in everyday life as well. Here are some health benefits of being social:
Reduces Depression
According to the research journal “Mind, Mood and Memory” one of the keys to fighting depressing and unhappiness is to socialize frequently. It also states that while social media communication is good, face to face communication is much more helpful when it comes to mental health. With this in mind you should make an extra effort this new year to get out more, meet new people and try becoming more of an extrovert.
Lowers Your Risk of Cold
While you may think that the more you hang around people the more likely you are to catch a cold research has actually proven otherwise. According to the journal “Psychoneuroendocrinology” people who are social and have many human connections are less likely to get sick. This proves that the happier and more social you are the healthier you will be.
Helps Productivity
This may not come as a surprise but when you have things to look forward to in the day you prioritize you work and get it done faster and more efficiently. Plan lunches, dates or other friend outings throughout the week to better your mental health and increase your productivity.
Increases Your Life Expectancy
A happy life is a healthy life and your mental state has a lot to do with not only how happy your life will be, but also how long it will be. A study done at Bingham Young University showed that people with social relationships live 50% longer than isolated introverts. Sometime you can get lost in your own problems so it is healthy to have friends and relationships to relive stress and get encouragement with your struggles.