During the winter, it is natural to want to jump in a hot shower in the early morning or after a long day. Here are some facts on how beneficial your warm shower is for your health.

Relaxes Muscles

Much like a sauna a warm shower can really loosen up your muscles and have you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If you have a sore neck or shoulders try taking a 10-minute warm shower while doing neck and shoulder rolls, this should remedy any tension in those muscles nicely.

Clears Congestion and Coughs

Steam is great for the lungs and nasal passage because it breaks up mucus cleansing your system. If you have a cough or dry throat this winter a hot shower should really help alleviate those symptoms.

Relieves Stress

Research has shown that warm showers can calm your body and help with anxiety. If you are stressed this holiday season or having issues with your home or work life be sure to set aside 10 minutes for a warm shower to calm your nerves.

Helps prevent Injury

For those who are very active a warm shower is an absolute necessity. When interacting in athletics you are much more prone to injury especially if your muscles are tight or sore. The best way to warm up (no pun intended) before your workout is to take a warm shower to loosen your muscles and lower your chances of strains or tears. Although this is a very helpful technique it is still advised that you stretch before any workouts to further reduce your risk of injury.