Watching what you eat is key to staying in shape and keeping good health but intermittent fasting has also been proven to keep you healthy. Here are some interesting benefits of intermittent fasting:

Help you Lose Weight

The less you eat typically results in weight loss and with intermittent fasting you are not eating for up to 16 hours. Simply put, the less time you are eating during the day the better chance you will have of losing weight. The most crucial part of losing weight while fasting is to make sure that the few meals you do eat are very healthy since your body will be clinging to those nutrients. Another tip here is to not over compensate with bigger meals and eventually your body will adjust to the new routine and the pounds will start to drop off.

Activates Cell Repair

When fasting your body goes through a process called autophagy which is essentially the removal of cellular waste. Without food in your body cells are breaking down bad proteins that have accumulated over time lowering the risk for diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Increase Life Expectancy

According to studies tested on rats those who fasted lived 83% longer than those who didn’t. While this may not perfectly translate to humans there is some truth to an increased life expectancy through fasting much like a low-calorie diet.

Feel Better

One of the most amazing benefits of fasting is how great it eventually makes your body feel. While it may be tough to adjust to fasting at first, once it is part of your routine your stress levels will be reduced and your risk of diseases caused by inflammation will go down drastically.

From personal experience, I can tell you that fasting is tough but worth it. When fasting try to drink coffee and water to curve your appetite and stay energized.